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Cherish what you have now, it could vanish in an instant.

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IU proposing to a fan ©

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what do you use to make your gifs? they're so clear!

aw thank you!! i use photoshop cs5 portable, hd videos, and this action! if you want a detailed tutorial i have one here, but since that tutorial is from a while ago there are a few things i do a little differently! im too lazy to go back and re-edit it so i’ll just list the updates to it right here:

-i don’t really skip frames anymore when importing the video. sometimes that means that when i save the gif it’s really fast but if that’s the case, i open the .gif file, adjust the timing, and resave it. it’s just a lot smoother if you don’t skip frames and keep the timing at about .04-.05 

-i almost never use the gif-sharpening action anymore. i said it was optional in the tutorial but i do something else to make my gifs sharper if i need to: after the first “topaz-like” action runs, you end up with 4 layers: layer X, layer X copy, layer X copy 2 and brightness and contrast.


you can mess with the opacity of the “layer X copy 2” layer to make the gif less blurry.

-also i’m not sure if this is just in my head but i always feel like having good contrast between the light parts and dark parts of your gifs makes it seem clearer? i’d make sure that the gif is decently bright and then maybe darken the darks more too? this is where setting layers to softlight or screen can come in handy! also color balance lets you mess with “shadows” and selective color can help make your darks darker as well.

i think those are the only pdates i have in terms of the clarity of gifs. please let me know if anything was too confusing and i hope it helped!! :)

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iu fan challenge (1/7) favorite photoshoots
  ↳ sure magazine
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IU, the ‘mountain god

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