“No matter how people may belittle me, it can’t be worse than me belittling myself. That’s one thing I’m certain about. You could call it a complex, but on the other hand, because of that, I don’t become conceited, so that’s a good thing, right? It’s paradoxical, but I like the way I am.” {favorite quote}

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IU fan challenge: 1/5 favorite music videos
↳ last fantasy

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My lost summer time
Will I find you after wandering through strange times?

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'Sing for Me' (노래 불러줘요) by god (지오디) feat. IU (아이유)


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IU for Qdsuh- making film

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Hello! :) i was wondering if you knew of any tmblrs that only post fan taken pictures of iu? not edits

i’m going to direct you over to julia’s nice rec page right here! any of the blogs in the first category should fit your request! :)

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48l200 edits of IU melting my heart

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